18 November, 2012


I used to figure that Lana Del Rey's music doesn't suit me, and never will. And I hated them for some time because of the music videos, which I considered as uncreative and bad for my mind. Most of the time I couldn't figure out why would Lizzy use such weird and disturbing themes and stories for her music videos. I wondered if I should blame the director or her, or nobody because I'm just being nosy for worrying about such things?

I was being stubborn, unfair, and misogynistic I guess. I ought to give myself a chance to love her songs, appreciate the joy that she has brought to us, and to the whole world. And after a while, I came to realise that her music wasn't that bad after all, and I find that the music videos were actually presented with really beautiful and meaningful stories. And for being such a talented and beautiful singer and song writer, I think she deserves to be praised and awarded for what she did for the musical industry. You will always be in my heart, Lizzy. And I'm sorry.

All the screenshots above are from Lana Del Rey's National Anthem, Born To Die and Summertime Sadness's music videos.

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