16 November, 2012

The Little Prince

I finished reading the pdf version of the story last midnight, since I couldn't find a copy of the storybook. It was amazing, the way Antoine presents the story in a calm and quiet background setting. The story raise topics which are the fundamental principles of life on Earth but rarely discussed among the society. The writer talked about grown-ups; their thoughts, the way they speak, and the attitude they used when attending to different subjects. And since the little prince came from a different planet, his curiosity about life on Earth were revealed through the questions he asked and the opinions he gave.

The writer creatively mentioned about different and unique occupations and responsibilities; the beauty that can be seen in every chore or deed, such as the lamplighter lights the street lamp. I like the way the writer used the little prince to describe his thoughts (if it was his thoughts in the first place) of a simple street lamp and a lamplighter on a little planet; the writer's purpose of creating them to tell the readers about how every good deeds do matter, no matter how small are they.

The little prince's planet is so small, he cares for every things that exist and come in contact with him in his life; the sunset, the street lamp, the rose he waters, and the goat in a box which the writer drew for him. I admire the little prince for being obedient as he visited Earth in favour of the geographer's request to write about the planet. And as he recalled the past about his journey in the train station, he was so observant that he could easily find a way to relate the Earth with the people living in it; having no imagination (the echoes which repeats what the prince had shouted from the mountains to the sky) and retarded (wanting or having the others to speak up first before they speak). It is sad to listen to the way the little prince pointed out the fact that men do not know what they are looking for through all the excitement and errands. They have not met their true objectives in life at all. I  have to agree with him on this.

And to the end of the story, I learned the true reason why anything can be important for us, and that is because we care and waste our time for it which makes it so important.

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