03 November, 2013

Every Human has Been Punished for Being a Human

Just another one of my artworks.
I've always wondered why am I living, what's the purpose of having me here on Earth. Sometimes I think that I have been chosen, given a chance to live when there are hundreds or perhaps millions of progeny that my mom would have given birth to, as there are a huge bunch of sperms attempting to fuse with the one and only one ovum. I'm not even sure if that's how it works, does it? Anybody?

Most of us were born with the ability to feel. If we weren't born with feelings, we would do anything we want regardless of the outcomes; how bad it will turn out to become. However, that also means that one that has feelings will be able to feel the pain as in due to having to take in insults, fear, humiliation and other unpleasant feelings.

So, is it still necessary to be able to feel? Is feeling pain a form of sacrifice, in return for the ability to feel? If that's the case why is everybody in this world constantly hurting each other if they know nobody wants to feel the pain? Why wouldn't anyone avoid doing it?

Because everyone thought hurting the others make them better in terms of pride, and everybody practically thinks that doing it will boost their confidence towards themselves, or at least feel a little better about themselves. Who wouldn't want to be on top? Or perhaps, on top of everyone? Humans are selfish in their own ways, but we could have avoided ourselves from being a little too selfish.

In the end, we are all culprits in everything that we have taken part in. We accuse the others for hurting the others, yet we are wrong in accusing, calling names and cursing the supposedly "bad guys" in these situations. Hatred and jealousy cloud our judgement, but people don't seem to realise that.

People that believe in religion, if they happen to be too religious, they would kill anyone that insulted theirs. How is it necessary? Does God even exist? If He does, is it necessary, once again, to seek for His guidance, when you were clearly born with a brain to differentiate between good and evil, and the ability to reason? Why would you rely on God, whose existence cannot be confirmed by the others (as the believers claim that they do feel God's presence), when you can rely on yourself? Why seek for His forgiveness, when you could have easily prevented yourself from committing sins, and even they are unavoidable, why take God for granted, beg for his forgiveness and continue to make the same mistake?

Is being alive and having the chance to do things in it a test, to see if we are to create mistakes that would normally be made by humans? Or is this a form of punishment, as we are prone to get disease and having the tendency to hurt other people? Were we really born to learn to be individualistic (having our own bedroom and at times shut ourselves from everybody cuz we need some space), selfish (even though we are all humans, we were apparently not educated in such a way that we should not only care for our families and lovers but to care for strangers too) and hurt the others?

And we all thought we are walking to the correct path in our lives, but are we?

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