26 November, 2013

The Opposite Sex || Trust Issues


I just have had a nice conversation with a guy friend of mine a couple of hours ago. What seemed to be a dull and lacklustre discussion turned out to be one of the best and unforgettable interaction with an actual friend in real life; someone that I've known for about a year, but it has been the year that bonded us closer and closer, from practically strangers to real good and sometimes awkward friends.

It has been a long time since I have actually have a long, nice chat with someone casually, or maybe I never talked to anyone like this before but I thought that I did. I thought I was actually getting socialised with people in general, and nothing will make me feel more relieved and happy than to think that I can do the same thing as others did.

Sometimes I think the two of us could share a better friendship, be a better friend for each other if we talked to each other more often, consoled one another, and laughed together whenever the situation is appropriate. I wonder if he thinks about the same thing too. And if he doesn't, it'll then be a dream that is shared with nobody, not even him, but to be kept with myself.

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