24 November, 2013

Work and Cat

Work for the best, and cats could be my favourite pets.

Now I wish I can sit down in a sunny and dry afternoon, sipping green tea latte or frappuccino from an elegant tea cup while looking out and enjoying the sounds of bird chirping and wind rustling through leaves. After that I could walk towards a little town nearby and do some grocery shopping by myself. I would wear as ladylike as possible, with a simple shirt and skirts while carrying a handbag, and I would be squinting through my lidded eyes because of the blazing sunlight, seeing my mascara-ed lashes.

At home, my cat keeps me company. It greeted me at the front doors, and it would call up to me for a hug. We stayed on my bed during the night, and I would be reading a classical story while brushing my cat's fur. I wouldn't mind being told to adapt to this and make it as a daily life routine, if only life could be this simple and worry-free.

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