24 January, 2014

All About Taiwan

A week or more before the last day of 2013, there came the opportunity for me to finally set my eyes upon the unique art works by fellow Taiwanese. They have that ingenious, simple yet elegant taste in art which made me respect them; not to mention the admiration I have for their restaurants set-up techniques and their way of serving food, meals and their ideas in decorating places or rooms with cheap, simple, and affordable materials, decors, and items.

Of course, these are only my opinions based on what I have seen on the Internet instead of having a vacation trip, travelling to Taiwan to truly experience the exact and precise situation of venturing or perhaps, wandering around Taiwan's souvenir shops, markets and restaurants. I have never traveled to Taiwan before, but I will, someday. After looking and enjoying so many things made and ran by the fellow Taiwanese, I hope my future trip to Taiwan is not disappointing. Fingers crossed xx

Here are some of the photos of various things and situations all around Taiwan.

Photo by Afterhours Cafe.

Photos by Ça va小日和。

Photo by CameZa +.

Photo by V + ing.

Photos by 九樓.

Photos by 旅行 x 生活的溫度.

Photo by 日安!阿哩嘎荳 生活概念空間.

Photos by 每一天的手帳日記!.

Photo by 默契咖啡.

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