07 January, 2014

V for Vendetta

I love watching V for Vendetta as much as I love watching Requiem for a Dream. V for Vendetta was more poetical and descriptive whereas Requiem for a Dream was more expressive and sad compared to one another.

V for Vendetta, unlike Requiem for a Dream, has a lot of back stories which acted like snowballs to affect V and his decision. Evey, the "young and attractive woman" as stated by a few men throughout the movie, had met V and would have no idea that V was about to help her to become a stronger person, and to fall in love once again or for the first time ever.

The need for freedom has been the major driving force that unites the people inside a country in the movie to fight for what should have been fought for. "I am me" will always remain to be one of those few things from the movies that I shall keep with me. And Valerie, the one who said that phrase, together with her story, shall be kept in my memory for eternal life because they are unusually beautiful and meaningful.

Again, I am going to recommend this movie to everyone and hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

All the screenshots above are taken by me.

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