02 June, 2013

Back Again

I'm back! :D And it's time for more blog-writing and stuffs-reviewing here in this blog, which hopefully are becoming more exciting and fun for you readers and for me. I know it's kind of odd to say all these here but, it feels like a new beginning for me in the passion of writing blogs. I want to be able to continue writing, but with new and very different ways. Hopefully it's going to be fun and enjoyable and I hope whoever reads my blog will like them too.
Exams are gone, for now. And I got back from my trip overseas a few days ago, and it was GREAT. Probably the best trip I've ever been on to, to a place that I've always wanted to go to and expecting all of those trips to be fun. They were good trips, but this one that I've been on a few days ago is by far the best trip ever. The best trip I've ever been on I must say. I needed one, after all I've gone through in the first half of the year or I might go crazy by now. Just adding in some interesting events into my life to make it less dull, and just waste some money wouldn't hurt, right?
A new semester is coming up really soon, and I am here hoping that things will run smoothly for me, and I beg myself for not procrastinating anymore. Time does not wait, and I have only one life, one chance to set things right. Working hard for the best, it's now or never.
The photo(s) above are taken by me.

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