06 June, 2013

Social Site Issues

Everything Happens for a Reason. There are all kinds of possibilities to which why a person acts in such a way the person acted, but there are always only one or a few reason why he or she did it.

Part One

Living in a community, it is to be expected that people do not always share the same opinion and thought towards things. It is sad to see people hurting each other, mentally or physically, and it is definitely not a way to solve problems. Just because people have different thoughts from yours, doesn't mean that they are what you claim them to be. I was searching for one of my favourite songs on YouTube just now. I just happen to click this video and I only listen to the audio while I scroll down the page for the comments to see what people have to say.
The top comment stated "59 people have no taste in music". I believe that the person who wrote the comment was referring to the people who disliked the video. To anyone who feels protective of the song would have said that if they wanted to, what makes me wonder is that why that person chose to write such things, when she could have said anything apart from that. Of course she has the right to voice out, and she can definitely protect what she believes in, but why would she choose to post such hurtful comment in some public website? "Hurtful"; the emotion from the comment is directed straight to people who disliked the video, though they may not see it. She has the rights as a YouTuber, but abusing the right makes her at fault too.
Another reason that I could thought of, is that she was letting people experience the same emotion that she had experienced in the past. Could be vengeance, I don't know. The third reason, suggests that she was testing how people will react towards the emotion to make conclusions. And as for the fourth one, she just couldn't understand why people will dislike the music that she liked. Note to her: everyone has different taste in music or just any other things. People don't have the same passion, and they do not need to like what one likes. Like I said, criticise them only make you a right and mental abuser. And perhaps they sincerely could not find any ways to like the music? That's not a sin, is it?
Moreover, I sometimes think of the possible reason that makes people want to click the dislike buttons for any comment, post, video or anything on any site that has those buttons. One, they dislike the contents which make them feel uncomfortable. Two, they dislike it because it contains elements of nudity, violence or anything unpleasant to the point which makes them want to report it. Three, they dislike the creator or the author of the apparent content, this could happen due to jealousy, feelings of offensiveness or any of the sort. Four and finally, they just do not agree with the ideas of the content.
People who clicked the "dislike" button for the video intend to show how they think of the video; the girl who commented was merely judging people for how they reacted towards the video; the people who contributed in making her comment top-rated were only supporting, but encouraged her thought; and we, who did nothing, are ignoring what has been happening. People blame the Internet for causing social problems, but ironically, we who use the Internet are the ones updating its contents, voicing out what we want to say.

Part Two

Once I was really interested in a Facebook page which features a public character- a female entertainer. She is very beautiful I must say, even though she used to go for surgery to change and enhance her appearance. I don't get why people will use that against her, surgery was introduced in this world for a reason, right? She wanted to do it, so why can't she do it? She has the freedom, and not to be rude or anything, but she is free to do what she wants without other people's consent.
During recent years, she was accused of lying to the public, as she claimed that she was chosen as the ambassador for some event by some company. They shared the source which suggested that she was lying all the time, and constantly insulted and scolded her publicly on her Facebook page. I was curious, so I took a look at it, and it did sound like as if she could be lying.
Even so, so what? I thought. Look, she could have lied, but there's always a reason for anything that happened. She could have mentioned how excited she was before the actual election, but when it turned out not to be her, she could have lied to either make herself feel better, or she just did not want to disappoint other people. Or maybe the company was sabotaging her after all? I wonder if people will actually consider this, instead of accusing her for an "evidence" that was created by someone who hates her to make her look bad. And the funny thing is that people who like those comments which are meant to violate her image are mostly girls and women. I guess those girls are jealous and feel threatened by the public figure's supposedly "perfection". Or maybe they really don't like how she behaved?
Someone made a few pages to boycott her, though. Honestly, I'm still impressed by how much they put up to the emotion they experienced towards the public figure. Their effort of trying to make her fellow fans to realise that she was lying all the time really enlightens me. But the fundamental question that they should ask themselves first is that: are they really fighting for the truth, or have they been pushing on for a false yet seemingly true statement? My only hope is that they will stop all this craziness and just move on with their own lives.
A public figure does not affect how your life will turn out, and I'm not saying that you don't need to care how such people will affect other people or the possibility that the person did lie. All I'm trying to say is that life can either be long or short; we should fight and work hard for our priorities, our main purposes in life, that is to take care of people around us and not let them suffer for something that we can help to avoid. We ought to cherish our lives and spend every moment wisely so that we will not regret. And if one still feels anger, channel that anger into doing something productive, such as helping the others or do volunteer work. Why must people make themselves suffer by showing feelings of hate and anger? Hate and anger make one unhealthy and less focused towards important things around him or her. As a human just like any of them, I wish they will stop doing things that are not necessary to be done, such as being angry or getting obsessed over things that are less likely to happen.
The truth is, people can be really out of control if they chose to behave like that. We have freedom in doing anything; but we often let ourselves make the wrong decisions. One person can make a difference. What we did affects other people's lives and yes, there can be either good or bad consequences.

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