27 June, 2013

Tegan and Sara are the best!

So I did not post anything for the past 6 days, partly because I was SO busy with school work and studies. Ha, and you should know that is part of the reason I mention here first as a 'protection' and a way to defend myself in case people accuse me for being something else. The truth is, I DID study, do my schoolwork and I worked really really hard for getting education. But I also happen to be getting really addicted to watching YouTube and fooling around the Internet, because deep down in my heart I know I'm still not aware of the importance of not wasting my youth and strive to achieve the best.
Haha, enough about my story! This post is actually meant for showing appreciation towards Tegan and Sara, the cool and strong duo that made my days, turning my life downside up to a really good way. Seriously, as in not lying; I never felt so close to a certain taste of music genre in my life, but perhaps this is a false statement because I've always been bad at comparing and differentiating between my past interests and the current ones. I remember I was a hardcore fan of Linkin Park exactly 4 years ago, then my daily addiction of listening to their songs eventually died out as if I lost something but I never cared about it. Listening to rock and metal music was a good hobby, but I needed to move on and forget the joy it had brought to me.
I am really happy that I found them. The first song that I've heard which was made by them is Closer, from then on I started to really like their songs. Body Work is one of my favourites by them, by far. Somehow their music has been really appealing to me. Everything about their songs are just perfect and really special in my eyes and heart and I would listen to them when everything seems the same because they are just unique in terms of appearance and musical style.

Listening to their songs make me feel new and refreshed, and basically it's because of their music that makes me feel lively again after a what felt like a really long time. That's what I need occasionally in my life because everything seems dull and repeated. Therefore I recommend their songs to everyone, especially to those who wished to find something new in music. That's all from me and thanks for reading!

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