05 June, 2013

Happy Birthday Isaac Clarke!

Today is apparently the day which we celebrate Isaac Clarke's birthday! By the way, I knew today is his birthday from the wikia website of Dead Space. So Happy Birthday to our brave hero! At least that's what I will call him, for being so courageous, and badass!

And anyway, I just found out that the necromorph outbreak, or the Marker infection, which was how I called it before, did happen for a few times, such as during the earlier events in Dead Space: Liberation, where the planet Uxor was attacked by necromorphs in the supposedly recent necromorph outbreak, the other one being in the era where the aliens like Rosetta attempted to freeze the planet, Tau Volantis to halt the events of Convergence.

But I still couldn't figure out the Codex business though, whether there's more than one in the Dead Space universe. In any case, I will come back with more stuffs to share.

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