20 June, 2013

A Collection of Findings

I know this blog is supposed to be about me sharing what I curate and love, and it has been quite some time since I start to not share stuffs here. So in this blog, I will be sharing some good songs that I've been addicted to for a while; a month, or a year.
I used to be a rock metal fan, but that interest kinda died and was long gone before I eventually found this song. And technically I first heard it in Dead Space 3, featured as the song played alongside the credits, and the second time being featured in Dead Space 3: Awakened as the same role in the credits. I don't usually find myself listening to rock anymore but this song changed that. I just love it. Video by oldstories89.
I was watching YouTube videos as always, and then I saw Tegan and Sara posing so elegantly in one of the videos suggested for me in the "Suggestion" section. Curious, I clicked the "Closer" music video by the duo, and since then I started to find a great interest in listening to their songs. I'm so glad that I found them. They're such perfect twins. And this song is my favourite song from the duo featuring Morgan Page.Video by MorganPageVEVO.
I heard the remade version of this song in a Dead Space "movie" trailer. I couldn't find the movie but damn, this song was so unique yet genuine. Ever since I listen to it for the first time, I have been craving for the tunes and lyrics of this classically awesome masterpiece or at least that's what I'm going to call it. Video by Phil Collins.
This is the theme song for The Witch's House. To me, this song is a reminiscent of Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle; so basically it's a great reminder of the Japanese shows and films I've watched. This song is so full of emotions and a great overall story-teller for the game itself as you listen on to it. Video by TehZoln.

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