10 June, 2013


a photo taken by me, of one of the things that can serve as a reminder to ourselves that even if life does not turn out to be how we want it to be, occasionally or all the time - this is a reason why you should not think in that way. Everything just doesn't seem to understand this. Now I am starting to think that everyone in the whole world, or maybe every living organisms exist(ed) are lacking of the ability to protect themselves; constantly harming the others who hurt you, when you should learn from your own downfall that it's more important for you to build up your own SELF CONFIDENCE. I've seen people trying to push others into doing what they themselves are afraid of - why can't you do it yourself? The truth is: YOU CAN DO IT. You just fucking didn't.

Now, is that a way of dealing with fears? No. Everything is hopeless because everything was initially born vulnerable to all sorts of things. Don't expect things to be made easy for you because they never were. If there's anything that every living things need to learn, is to be tolerant of others. Accept with open heart, with compassion. Don't expect to be accepted, but know that you are doing yourself a kindness by committing yourself into doing things that are helpful to the environment and the whole community or ecosystem of the whole universe - that is by facing the world with a compassionate thought about it, and the intention of helping each other (no matter who are they) to rise from their own enclosed world of despair and hopelessness is what you need to have in yourself now.

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