03 June, 2013

Immerse and Obsess: Dead Space.

I got to make one thing clear; When I say I love Dead Space, it doesn't mean that I play the game ("Duh! You don't have to love it by playing it!", you would say, probably). I don't play Dead Space. I only watch people play Dead Space, YouTubers in this case. Why? I guess I just don't have the guts to play it. I'm an over-reactive sort of wimp. I can't play games that are too terrifyingly hardcore. I can easily get shocked near to death if I play them. And because I just wouldn't want to waste my money on expensive games or going through so much trouble to buy them online. So that's why I only watch walkthroughs.
I love the series so much that I've been talking about it for a few times in this blog, which shows how important it is to me. I've been spending so much time on it that I got so influenced by everything in it, considering how one thing can affect your thoughts and future intentions. I think about many things that I initially thought that I was incapable to think of, too important things that are featured in the game. Everything about the game is just inspirational and awesome, and it gives me the sense of focusing on what I should do for the better good.
I LOVE everything in this game. The settings, the storyline, the enemy concept, the characters; everything is just perfect. I'm SO IN LOVE with Dead Space that nothing can explain how I feel towards it.
About Dead Space 3, I have one question though: In the beginning of the game, Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman (if it's a co-op game) went searching for the Codex as ordered by Dr. Earl Serrano, and they died with Tim being killed by General Mahad who purged the data in the Codex, and if all that happens 200 years before Isaac Clarke was apparently 49 years old during the events in Dead Space 3, so does that mean the Marker infection had occurred for at least two times, one during the search of the Codex by Tim and Sam, and the other one when Isaac was 49? And if that's true, how would you explain the events in the first Dead Space? Does that mean the infection even happened before the USG Ishimura started going into space searching for resources? I don't know, or am I actually missing something in the storyline of Dead Space, and technically Tim and Sam existed way before the invention of USG Ishimura. I'm guessing that the infection has occurred for quite a few times in the universe, as the introduction of Rosetta in Dead Space 3 can already prove that. But then again, are there more than one Codex?

p.s. Some parts in this post that I wrote may not be true though. Still trying to figure out the specific details of the DS plot. My apologies!

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