16 June, 2013

A Tremendous Loss; and Its Aftereffects

A picture of me and my sister, sketched by me.
My sister and I were close together.
She's my biggest inspiration.
She's brave, older, caring and lovable,
until that day when she started to change.
I don't blame her though, as she was mentally influenced.
In fact, almost everyone was.
I'll never forget how she spoke to me so cruelly,
Unlike the way she used to behave.
She has always been very important to me;
But the marker took her away from me,
took everything I had away from me.
I never felt so lost in my entire life.
My family was everything I had.
How would the marker expect me to cope with life,
when I no longer have the reason to fight for it?
It didn't.
Like every living thing, its goals is to achieve its own ambition;
and that is to create new life, hundreds and thousands of them,
and ultimately create a network of moons that are brothers to each other.
But to sacrifice my sister and my family for it......
That's really selfish. In a lot of ways.

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