08 June, 2013

It's all about sketching.

I remember that I started sketching portraits of people since I was 4. Back then my sketches were not really detailed visuals. Year by year has passed, and my passion in sketching never ceased. And I'm proud to say that I enhanced my portrait-sketching skill by my own.
I've always wanted to become a freelance artist. I told myself that I will take up Illustration course at a university or art school. But because my dad won't allow me to, and even though my mom permits, it wouldn't make any difference because eventually there's that fact that someone will not allow me to fulfil my ambition. Till this day, I still sketch. It's safe to say that art is my heart and soul. Without it, I'm a nobody.
Sometimes I still doubt myself, thinking whether I am as good as other artist; or at least a decent one. I received positive reviews from my friends and teachers, but also negative ones. That one negative remark came from my elder sister, but sometime later she thought I was really good in it.
Well, to any of you that reads this post, here's my so-called good sketchings of girls and women, taken with a Canon IXUS 130. This was the first time that I used willow charcoal sticks to draw faces, along with a 2B pencil.
This/These was the packet(s) of willow charcoal sticks that I was talking about, although I only have a box of it. For more details please visit the Daler Rowney website. The photo is also sourced from the website.

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